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The Sand Dollar

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Inside every sand dollar are five delicate structures virtually identical to doves in flight. A man walking along the shore of The Sea of Cortez is unaware of this hidden treasure--until the Sea engages him in an extraordinary conversation. Using the doves of the sand dollar to mark its past wars with the sun, the wind, the moon and the mountains, the sea tells of the peace that came when it finally achieved balance with each of these four elements of nature. The sea's explanation of the need for the fifth and final dove and its relationship to mankind's survival will leave a lasting impression with all who read The Sand Dollar. The Sea of Cortez speaks through the simple words of author Michael Woodworth and the captivating illustrations of artist Craig Pennington. The Sea’s message is one for young and old alike and it is too important to be missed.


“...the Sea rose high in the air. Waves rolled up and down the shore all around the man but none entered the spot where he stood. And, even though waves tumbled all around him, there was no sound.

“Then the Sea broke the silence. ‘This sand dollar is my gift to you. Pick it up.’

“The man picked up the sand dollar.

“‘Now break the sand dollar into pieces,’ the Sea said.

“‘But if I break the sand dollar your gift will be ruined,’ the man said.

“‘If you do not break the sand dollar my gift will be lost,’ replied the Sea."

Why would the Sea give a gift then command that it be broken? What is this gift and why has the Sea chosen to speak after so many years of silence? The answers to these questions come alive in a beautifully written and illustrated book published by Bella Vista Books. The Sand Dollar is easily read and understood by young readers, but its message is for all ages, genders and nationalities. Buy your copy of The Sand Dollar now and get ready to share the Sea’s gift with those you love.

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Title: The Sand Dollar

Written by: Michael Woodworth

Illustrated by: Craig Pennington

Publisher: Bella Vista Books

Specifications: 32 pages, hardcover, with original artwork

Release Date: November 2011


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